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Cooney Coil Freeze Block Technology

A Freeze Block Coil is the Best Way to Prevent Freeze & Thaw Damage.

Freeze damage is the leading cause of premature HVAC coil failure. When fluid freezes it expands, causing excessive pressure that can quickly rupture a coil. This can result in severe damage to the coil, system downtime, expensive repairs and/or replacement and in some cases flood damage throughout the building. The Cooney Freeze Block Coil is designed specifically to protect your HVAC coils from freeze-related damages.

Freeze Alert Kit - The First Smart Coil!

Cooney Coil now offers the Freeze Alert Kit to notify facility management if/when the valves discharges to further protect the system. The Freeze Alert Kit consists of clear PVC tube and custom side drain pan with conductivity sensor. The water sensor is designed to provide communication to the command center when the valves discharge and can be programmed to close outside air dampers, disengage the fan, and open a steam control valve/circulating pump in the event of a freeze.


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