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How to Measure a Coil for Replacement

PDF Coil Templates (PDF - 634 KB)
EXCEL Lincoln Info Coil Sheet (XLS - 33 KB)

Technical Coil Bulletins

PDF Circuiting Explained-Water Coils (PDF - 30 KB)
PDF Coil performance facts (PDF - 36 KB)
PDF Condenser Coil Circuiting (PDF - 102 KB)
PDF Condenser Coil Specification (PDF - 89 KB)
PDF Evap-Coil-Primer (PDF - 119 KB)
PDF Exploded View of Coil Components & Airflow (PDF - 284 KB)
PDF Fluid Coil Specification (PDF - 29 KB)
PDF How to count rows tubes hand configuration (PDF - 35 KB)
PDF Plate-Helical-Fin-Primer (PDF - 30 KB)
PDF Splitting the Coil (PDF - 20 KB)
PDF Steam Accessories (PDF - 267 KB)
PDF Steam Distributing Coil (PDF - 982 KB)
PDF Steam Distributing vs Standard Steam (PDF - 31KB)
PDF Water quality in fluid systems (PDF - 398 KB)

Handy Formulas

PDF Calculations for Process Heat Loads (PDF - 9 KB)
DOC General Formulas (DOC - 21 KB)
DOC PSI to FT of Head Conversion (DOC - 33 KB)

Psychrometric Calculator

 PDF Nema Enclosures Types

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Lincoln Associates | A Division of Heat Transfer Components, Inc.