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PureAir Filtration

PureAir Filtration specializes in the removal of corrosive gases, toxic vapors, and odors. Systems are used to protect sensitive electronics from hardware failure at industrial sites, preserve priceless works of art, protect people from the accidental release of toxic gases, and improve the air quality by removing nuisance odors and pollutants.

Our Products

PureAir Filtration specializes in providing customized, high performance air quality solutions. Systems are custom designed to meet the unique needs of each customer. No system is too large or small for their capabilities. Their air purification absorbent media has the highest performance in the industry. Because of this achievement, they are able to design systems with benefits unapproachable by other companies, including: ultra-high purification efficiencies, extended media life, precise temperature and humidity control, and ease of installation and maintenance. PureAir also provides products that simplify the regular maintenance of its systems. This includes a line of real-time electronic air quality monitoring, real-time media bed life monitoring, chemical filtration, corrosivity test kits, and media life analysis.


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