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We Are Modine Coils

At Modine Coils, we take FORM, FIT, and FUNCTION to the next level. Our Heatcraft® heat transfer brand is well-recognized globally for quality construction, exact fit, and long-life operation. Our team of experts are skilled engineers and craftsmen who have the experience, capabilities, and facilities to turn your order quickly and efficiently. From 6” to a massive 410” coil for OEM or Replacement, your coil order is ours from order to installation.

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Evaporator Coil

Drake Industrial
Refrigeration Chillers

With over 50 years of experience designing and building process chillers for refrigeration applications, we are uniquely qualified to provide the ideal engineered solution to meet your process needs. Other large manufacturers produce off-the-shelf chillers designed for comfort cooling – not the tough rigors of year-round, low-temperature applications. We’ll work directly with you to develop an economical refrigeration chiller that meets your specific process requirements. Whether we provide chilled glycol for walk-in freezers or water for greenhouses, our refrigeration chillers are entirely customized for your application. Let us take the heat so you don’t have to!

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PACT 36S Air Cooled Chiller

Munters. Because Moisture Matters.

Our top-of-the-line dehumidification systems provide precise humidity and temperature control in production environments to ensure the highest quality standards. Whether it is food processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing, when climate control is critical to the success of your industrial process, you can’t afford anything less than the very best.

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HCD Series

Carel, The Difference That Counts

Since it was founded in 1973, CAREL has been at the cutting-edge in the research and development of new technological solutions for controlling air humidity. Our product portfolio now includes all humidification technologies in order to offer the best high-quality product for your application. Humidification and control know-how combine together to create reliable humidifiers with advanced control logic that are easy to use and service.

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Kramer Refrigeration

Kramer’s unit coolers are the industry’s choice for large, refrigerated warehouses, supermarkets, beverage storage and industrial applications. Products range from low velocity to low profile to heavy-duty cooler and freezer models, in air, electric or hot gas defrost configurations.

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Thermobank Air Cooled Condensing Unit

Applied Air Climate Control Systems

Applied Air climate control systems are designed to satisfy the needs of both the owner and the specifying engineer. Standard models are available in 150 different sizes and arrangements, from 1,600 to 150,000 CFM. The gas-fired burners have capacities up to 14,086,000 BTUH. Whether units are located indoors or outdoors, mounted on the floor, roof, grade, or suspended, and fueled with natural gas or propane, Applied Air has been satisfying the need since 1975.

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Aztec Indirect and Indirect/Direct Evaporative Cooling Systems

Lincoln Associates specializes in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Equipment for Industrial & Commercial Applications. Pharmaceutical and medical, beverage production, food processing, and industrial warehouses Lincoln Associates serves all of these industries and more.