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Case Studies

Case Studies

Applied Air Case Study: Clothing Manufacturer.

The existing facility was purchased by the current owner who wanted to provide comfort cooling for the employees and also maintain the quality of the stored product. The owner required a system that was energy efficient and could be installed without...Read More

Applied Air Case Study: Plastipak Plant City FL.

Plastipak Holdings, Inc. is a leading supplier of plastic containers, manufacturing technologies, equipment, and services. They are one of the largest users of PET and HDPE resin in the Western Hemisphere and an industrial leader in the production of dynamic custom containers...Read More

Munters: Comfortable temperatures and energy efficiency for Marshall Pool

Marshall Pool, Vancouver's most used public indoor recreation facility, has been the cornerstone of recreational activities for Vancouver residents for over 40 years. In 2006, Marshall Pool underwent a much needed, year-long renovation...Read More

Heatcraft Commercial: Partnership Successes (1)

In a challenging world of oil exploration, we assisted DWD International in development and design of the air equipment for the world’s largest semi-submersible oil platform (the size of a modern football stadium). Working closely together, we developed condenser coils that not only cooled the control room and motor control center but also the living quarters for the 229 people on board...Read More

Heatcraft Commercial: Partnership Successes (2)

Heatcraft retrofitted 216 coils in the Sears Tower, Chicago (one of the largest commercial office buildings in the world) one year earlier than originally scheduled - under budget and without any tenant shutdown...Read More

Mars: Campbell's: Managing Wide Open Spaces

Large cavernous manufacturing centers withstand complexities with voluminous staff, high traffic, inconsistent climate control, and ongoing pressure to create productive working environments so output goals are reached month after month...Read More