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Kramer Refrigeration


Kramer Refrigeration, founded in 1914, is a leading manufacturer of energy efficient large refrigeration units, split systems, condensers and evaporators for the foodservice, food retail warehouse, industrial, and pharmaceutical industries. Kramer Refrigeration’s patented energy-saving technologies are recognized as the most efficient in the industry.

QV-Series Condensing Units™
Designed for high efficiency and easy serviceability

The innovative QV-Series Condensing Units™ set the new standard for efficiency, reliability and accessibility. Models incorporate features from our award-winning Quantum Air™ Condensers such as the floating coil design, swept wing fan blades, hinged Venturi panels and lighted control panel, and add additional features for performance and easy servicing.

The versatile air cooled units are compatible with multiple refrigerants and are available in single, dual or parallel compressor configurations from 15 to 100 HP. QV-Series Condensing Units include a host of standard features and optional components to meet the needs of the food processing, industrial cooling and warehousing industries.

Kramer Refrigeration


Kramer Refrigeration











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