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EVAPCO Alcoil is the leading manufacturer of MicroChannel Heat Exchanger Coils for the HVAC/R. Located in York, Pennsylvania, EVAPCO Alcoil employees take pride in workmanship, quality and customer service. EVAPCO Alcoil is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EVAPCO, Inc. EVAPCO is a global supplier of heat transfer products and services. Learn more at


Higher Efficiency & Performance20% to 40% greater overall performance and Lower air-side pressure drop.

Smaller Size - Thin profile takes up less space and reduces cabinet size.

Less Refrigerant Charge - Less internal volume, but not critically charged, with built-in mini-receiver.

Lower Cost - Reduced material cost with no sacrifice in quality. 

Proven Reliability - Time-tested manufacturing processes and materials, built-in reliability and heavy duty, robust design. 




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